For centuries, “education” was not a specialized activity that happened in designated spaces. Most people simply lived their lives – and their living spaces, their environment, nature of work and culture became sources of education for the young and the old.

Such a Living is Learning approach informs our way of life, and hence, our education. We are a growing group of parents and children committed to living our lives and raising our kids by shaping our inner and outer environments to be in alignment with our values.

Our intention is not to learn something in exclusive spaces (schools, colleges) in order to apply that learning in other excusive spaces (offices, factories) in order to live our life in yet other exclusive spaces (apartments, vacation homes). It is this kind of specialized and exclusive approach to learning, working and living that has separated people with their environments, people with other people, and people with themselves.

Instead, we are integrating our learning, working and living into the same space. We don’t want to be gold-diggers, trail-blazers and planet conquerors. We want to keep arriving at peace, harmony, creativity and oneness by working on these “states of being” at every step in every sphere of our lives. So, our primary focus is on continuously improving our living conditions in our home environment and our spiritual condition within ourselves. Therefore, all the learning and work done by the adults and kids in our network are focused on ourselves and our environment.

Our relevance and engagements with the societies and world around us will be focused on supporting people who wish to live an integrated life.

With such an approach to education, aKarma.guru will serve as the online and offline platform to organize our efforts and work together with everyone who wishes to live one, unified life.

WAIT! Where is math, physics, chemistry, biology, humanities, business etc, you ask? Believe us, they are all there in the tea we drink, birds we feed, food we grow, furniture we make, songs we sing, dresses we wear and stories we share.

As utopian as it sounds, and yes, we are not fully there yet, we already have the foundation and some structure. We can already see our children thriving in these spaces. The future is not what it used to be!

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