An Evening with Ramanujam Aiya

On a Saturday evening, on 22nd September 2018, about 25 of us came together in Thudiyalur  Coimbatore, for an open ended chat with Ramanujam Aiya who is much loved by the learning communities.

After a few minutes of silence, Aiya set the stage by talking about the macro environment and its problems.

Everyone agreed that a problem is when a system does not function according to spec.

And our world, as it is today, may have worked for us but does not work for our children.

Two possible directions  are increasing problems or increasing solutions.   Where do we position ourselves? Obviously,  We take our positions towards solutions.

The current education system is nothing but a filtering mechanism. It can not create problem solvers.

Reality goes from general to specific perception. The education system goes in reverse way. And such reasons have made us opt our children out of school.

If we say no to school,  then what do we teach?

At this point, everyone was invited to co-create some themes that could be explored subsequently. And these questions and thoughts came up.

My education started when I started looking into myself.

Can we say education is the fundamental thing we want to give to our children and the subject that we need to focus on?

Or is it Life and living that is the most fundamental thing that is common to all ?

What is the kind of person do I have to be to use infinite resources we have access to thanks to technology today?

Curriculum for Life can have contents that are only proportional to our awareness.

So isn’t the key question this: how do we  live in a way that an increased level of awareness can manifest in and around us.

What is the fundamental  purpose of life?

To live seems to be the answer. It can be extended to “Live and die healthy and happy”.

Isn’t each person’s purpose of life unique?

Can we even know our purpose? If we don’t, then should that knowing be the purpose of life?

Can we work towards increasing  awareness in our  body and mind?

Can we pool together our practices so we can learn from one another and pick what we can integrate?

What about lifestyle issues like moving to a different place in search of better facilities and amenities?

Are they to be included in fundamentals?   Scarcity of water affects my family, petrol price hike affects all the people of this country and fluctuating global markets  and exchange rates affect most of the world poulation.

Is living to be looked at through the lens of one individual or family or as a society?

How can we cross barriers towards realization of unity?

Along with these questions, we all munched on tasty Sundal served by our graceful hosts Uma and Ganesh.  And we closed with a few minutes of silence.